Airson Machine

Semi Automatic Bend Machine

Semi Automatic Bend Machine


Capacity : 300-400 Bend/Hr.
Length of Bending : 150mm to 250mm
Operation Mode : Semi Automatic
Production Capacity : 4000/Day
Pipe Diameter : 19mm to 32mm
Socketing : Both sides 40mm
Thickness : 1.5mm to 2mm
Layout : 90 Degree
Material : Plastic pipe
Power Consumption : 2/3Kw Single Phase
Electric bill : 40₹/1000 Bend
Machine Weight : 100kg
Warranty : 6 Months
Machine Size : 2’X2’X3.5’
Basic Price : 90,000₹

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The Semi Automatic Bend Machine manufactured by Airson Machine encompasses a comprehensive array of tools and equipment essential for various industrial and mechanical tasks. This meticulously curated collection includes everything from power tools and hand tools to precision instruments and safety gear, ensuring that users have all they need to tackle any project with confidence and efficiency. Each component of the set is designed with durability, reliability, and performance in mind, meeting the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With the Airson Machine complete set, professionals and hobbyists alike can maximize productivity and achieve outstanding results across a wide range of applications.