Airson Machine

PVC Pipe Bending Machine

PVC Pipe Bending Machine


Voltage : 240V
Frequency : 50 Hz
Power Source : 1 HP
Operation Mode : Semi-Automatic
Power Consumption : 1 KW
Warranty : 6 Months
Capacity : 1000 Bend/Hr.
Length of Bending : 150mm to 300mm
Operation Mode : Semi Automatic 
Production Capacity : 10,000/Day
Pipe Diameter : 19mm to 50mm
Thickness : 1mm to 2mm ( ISI And NON ISI All Type )
Layout : 90 Degree  
Electric bill : 40₹/1000 Bend
Machine Weight : 70kg
Machine Size : 7’X4’X3.5’



Discover efficiency and precision with Airson Machine’s bending machine. Designed for versatility, this machine effortlessly bends various materials with accuracy, catering to diverse industrial needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation, empowering both seasoned professionals and newcomers to achieve exceptional results. With robust construction and advanced technology, it ensures long-term reliability and minimal downtime. Whether you’re shaping metal sheets or crafting intricate designs, Airson Machine’s bending machine delivers consistent performance, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows. Elevate your bending processes with this reliable and efficient solution, engineered to meet the demands of modern manufacturing challenges.