Airson Machine

TMT Bar Bending & Ring Making Machine

TMT Bar Bending & Ring Making Machine


Capacity : 500 PCS/Hr.
Operation Mode : Semi Automatic 
Production Capacity : 5,000/Day
Ring Size  : 4 inch to 18 inch
Electric bill : 40₹/1000 Rings
Machine Rpm : 25
Motor Power : 2 HP
Frequency : 50 Hz
Layout : 90 Degree Angle
Machine Size : 33″x44″x26″
Machine Weight : 140 Kg
Motor : 2HP
Power Consumption : 1.5 kW
TMT Bar Diameter : 12mm
Voltage : 240 V
Warranty : 6 Months



Introducing Airson Machine’s TMT Bar Bending & Ring Making Machine, the ultimate solution for all your pneumatic needs. Engineered with precision and reliability, this machine delivers consistent and efficient air supply for various applications. Its compact design and user-friendly features make operation a breeze, catering to both industrial and household requirements. With advanced technology and robust construction, it ensures long-term durability and performance. From powering pneumatic tools to inflating tires, this compressor is versatile and dependable. Trust Airson Machine’s Air Compressor for superior air compression, promising quality and convenience every time. Elevate your productivity and efficiency with this essential piece of equipment.