Airson Machine

Fully Automatic Socketing Machine

Fully Automatic Socketing Machine


Capacity (Diameter) : 19mm to 50mm
Length of socketing : 40mm
Machine Weight : 100 Kg
Power Consumption : 2 kW
Socketing : Both Sides 40mm
Thickness : 2mm
Machine Type : Fully Automatic
Voltage : 220V
Length of Bending : 150mm to 300mm
Production Capacity : 10,000/Day
Electric bill : 20₹/1000 socketing
 Warranty : 6 Months 
Machine Size : 7’X4’X3.5’

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Introducing the pinnacle of precision engineering: the Fully Automatic Socketing Machine by Airson Machine, renowned manufacturers based in Bikaner. This cutting-edge equipment revolutionizes the molding and bending industry with its seamless automation and unparalleled accuracy. Designed for efficiency and reliability, it effortlessly bends various materials with precision, catering to diverse industrial needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation while delivering consistent, high-quality results, optimizing production processes and reducing manual labor. From intricate designs to large-scale projects, Airson Machine’s Fully Automatic Socketing Machine the standard for excellence, making it the preferred choice for businesses worldwide.